User Experience and Interaction Designer


Responsive, Networked Lighting Infrastructure IoT Concept

Lumion is an Internet of Things (IoT) concept for the prototyping class (536) taken for my User Centered Design (UCD/UX) Certificate at UW. I was asked to come up with the concept for an Internet of Things type of device or service, and of city scope.

I ideated and sketched, and created storyboards of possible user flows of the product experience. Further along in the project, I created experience maps, prototypes, and a video extolling the virtues of our product. I used the Unity 3D game engine to provide footage, recorded a voiceover for the video, and also created a logo and audio stinger. I later worked towards a Unity virtual reality (VR) prototype of the experience.

More information about this project

I chose street or highway lighting and added features to the lighting using the embedded computers. Ideas for this went from being able to call home if a unit detected that one of it's lights was damaged, to using motion detection of cars on the nearby roadway to allow the lights to stay on if the car was pulled over, all the way to being able to send out a drone to check on the car, or to call in for help for the driver.

Since I have recently been interested in virtual reality and used the video deliverable as a project to learn more about using the Unity game engine. I set up scenes using the tools built into Unity to illustrate the various features and added voiceover audio describing these features. After the class I went further and figured out how to add animation and interactions to the project, and also was able to experience the project in VR using my HTC Vive virtual reality headset. I see so many exciting possibilities for prototyping reality using VR and AR.