Word Wall: Interactive Electronic Art

The Word Wall is an interactive sculpture. The front panel is 6' x 6' aluminum with words cut out with a waterjet cutter. Behind each word is a spring-mounted plastic panel, which triggers a button when pressed. Behind each plastic panel is a strip of LEDs. A computer in the piece takes input from the buttons and gives output by lighting up a word or playing a sound. One of the main activities for the Word Wall user is to enter a sequence of words that the Word Wall will then play back, resembling haiku or fridge poetry over time.

With a partial grant from Ignition Northwest, the Word Wall was installed as a work-in-progress at Ignition Northwest's signature event, Critical Massive.

I built the piece in two halves for easier transport as well as to allow assembly with the halves side to side, allowing children to reach all of the words. Both kids and adults love playing with the wall and are captivated by its glowing words.